How To Become A Champion In League Of Legends Quickly?

In this article, we will see how a noob can become a champion in LOL (League of Legends) in a short time. The first thing you must do is, you need to counter the enemies each and every attack. If you go against their tactics, you can really damage them heavily.

There are many things to be done, for improving your skill at League of Legends. League of legends tier list will help you to improve your skill using their power ratio and tier list.

Develop your own style

LOL is much easier when you don’t have to create your own playstyle & build. If the build you are currently using is not much good, then you can adjust the to yourself, instead of the daunting the build itself to you.

If you don’t know to use an ability, don’t buy them. Just save the AP as a support, it will support you in any situation.

Turn off your autopilot

The main mistake we all do is, Playing on autopilot mode. This is the worst thing to have in LOL or any game.

Autopilot mode: No matter, you win or lose a level. After you finish a game, it shows “Play again”. You don’t care whether you are titled or not, and don’t care about anything.

To get off from the autopilot mode, you’ll need to follow these things.

  • Just be relaxed and free your mind while the game is loading. Make your thoughts revolve around your tactics, roles, and objectives. You can able to concentrate better, you if get into this habit.
  • When you die in a level, just think of that moment and make sure what wrong you did. Analyze that situation and make sure not to do the same, when you respawn.

Make sure not to do the wrong thing again

Mistakes are really hard to do, but you can make it better until you do it. The best way to find your mistake is by thinking what you did, when you ide. That will help you to improve throughout the game and will help you to reduce your death rate.

Your survival rate will be increased, if you can find your mistake. But if you got mad while analyzing the mistake, you need to download the level and watch the replay.


These will provide you with more insight as to what you are doing. You can follow these things in other games also. Hope, this article will be helpful for you. If you have any queries or suggestion, you can share them in the below comment section.